A revolution in woodworking

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A revolution in woodworking – now available from us …

Repairs of knotholes and cracks as well as other wood defects become with the Astfüll system in few
Seconds done. The easy-to-use branch filler is based on a flexible polyamide base, which with
The material wood enters into an optimal connection. The huge advantage of this is that the repaired bodies
remain elastic and participate in the swelling and shrinking movements of the wood.
Excluded is thus a cracking, falling out or crumbling of the applied repair mass.

From now on also under www.astreparatur.de to reach!


immediately usable
fast drying time
UV stable
Waterproof + application for inside and outside
different colors available
stays elastic
Can be processed immediately with oil, stain and varnish

BCD 360 Set
BCD 360 Set
gefüllter Ast
gefüllter Ast