Laser technology – surface refinement with 3D effect

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Laser technology – surface refinement with 3D effect

From now on we can offer the surface refinement by laser technology with 3D effect in cooperation with a large interior construction company. It can be lasered graphics, drawings, texts, etc.

Application areas:

  • Slip resistance at stairs
  • Finishing of kitchen back walls, showcases panes, glass doors etc.
  • individual decorative objects with e.g. personal pictures
  • Creative LED light sources
  • Apply CAD created drawings, graphics etc.
  • Individual advertising media
  • Signs + signpost
  • Individual and high quality interior design
  • Aquarium + terrarium production
  • furniture


The following materials can be edited:

  • Wood
  • metal
  • plastic
  • Glass
  • mirror
  • stone
  • ceramics
  • leather


  • 100% precision
  • noble look
  • quality feel
  • Creativity without limits
  • easy care
  • smooth surfaces
  • Micro-accurate laser technology instead of sandblasting
  • no granules
  • no chemistry
  • everlasting
  • non-contact machining
  • material compatibility
  • the surface structure of glass is not changed


Original Bild
Original Bild