This wood does not burn like untreated wood …

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“Innovative wood fire protection”

This wood does not burn like untreated wood …

The topic of fire protection in z. B. Public areas place ever increasing demands on the material and the processor.

Safety and value retention – significantly slower fire spreading – smoke gas development noticeably reduced

The natural look and feel of the wood is retained.

Application areas:

Facades / cladding, ceilings / acoustic ceilings, timber engineering (KVH, BSH, BSP, nail board binders), solid wood / 3-S boards / plywood boards, trade fair / theater / stage construction, scaffolding planks, pallets, wooden gabions, and much more.

3 variants:

KDI process, boiler pressure impregnation of wood and wood materials using fire protection salt based on phosphorus compounds
Fire protection paint; Is a foaming (intumescent) fire protection coating in the event of fire for coating wood and wood-based materials
Foaming (intumescent) fire protection panels, sheets, strips & stampings. Under the influence of fire or radiant heat, the fire protection products increase their original volume many times over to form a heat-insulating foam layer. Joints, gaps or other openings are closed to effectively prevent or delay the penetration of flames and fire smoke.

The design can be done with coordinated color systems for indoor and outdoor use.

A protective coating is absolutely necessary outdoors and in damp rooms. The washing out of the fire protection salts must be permanently prevented.

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