American Red Oak: A mission for the Music Academy Berlin-Mitte

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American red oak in the Musikakademie Berlin-Mitte. The opening of the Music Academy in Berlin-Mitte, which was completed in 2016/2017, will cause a sensation due to the unusual design of the concert hall and the particularly good acoustics prevailing there.

On the floor area and parts of the wall cladding, special demands were placed on the appearance and quality of the wood used. In this case, American red oak, which was processed with a special sawing process.

Likewise, particularly strongly cut veneers in the same simple appearance were required.

No easy task …

In the USA we found what we were looking for, just under 40 m³ of American red oak and red oak veneers specially produced for this order we were able to supply to various European interior construction companies.

The result speaks for itself, so challenge us ….

Due to our long decades of competence and our international contacts, we also master special tasks.

ami. Roteiche Furnier 2,4 mm_1
ami. Roteichen Furnier 2,4 mm_1
ami. Roteiche Furnier 2,4 mm_2
ami. Roteichen Furnier 2,4 mm_2
ami. Roteiche Furnier 2,4 mm_3
ami. Roteichen Furnier 2,4 mm_3